Vision Care
For assistance or questions about our Vision Care activity, please contact our Vision Care Committee Chairperson
I want to thank you and the Lions Club for my new glasses. They are wonderful. I can see better than I have in quite a while and, without you, well, I could not have gotten them. You helped my children in the past also (about 25 years ago). Darn. Aging myself now but, it is so and, I would like to thank you for that also. I could not have done it then either. You are a wonderful group of people. If there is ever anything I can do for your charity, please let me know.
- Deanne M.
"To all of the honorable, caring members who give their time and energy to provide me with the best pair of glasses I’ve ever worn.  I can now read a newspaper, maps, not to mention store prices, telephone book, and above all fill out a job application without stress.  I’m go grateful, it is so empowering.  Presently I’m relocating but as soon as I am able I would like to become a part of your club, working with others toward building a strong community.  What you’ve done matters.  Thank you so much!"
- Nancy S.
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